The mega Chinese electronics company Xiaomi has unveiled its Mi TV LUX see-through television, which simply displays images that appear to be “floating in the air”.

This smart TV is noted and seen as a world’s first, the Mi TV LUX features an edge-to-edge transparent display, leaving what looks like a simple glass screen, allowing viewers to see through to the other side.

The TV’s glass-like quality is possible due to the use of transparent organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology.

Unlike ordinary LEDs in TVs, which are used to light an LCD display, the pixels of an OLED TV are self-illuminating, ridding of the need for backlighting. This means that, while conventional TVs require a back panel to contain their processing units, these elements are integrated into the base stand of the Mi TV LUX.

Here is a Look at the Smart TV

The TV’s rectangular screen measures at 55 inches, with an “ultra-thin” width of approximately 5.7 millimetres. The screen is capable of displaying 1.07 billion colour combinations.

Xiaomi’s transparent TV will be released in China at a cost of around £5,500 (RMB 49,999) which is about N2,782,188.75 Nigerian naira as at the time of this report and will be available to purchase on 16 August.

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